Tamarat Makonnen


About Me

Tamarat Makonnen is an award-winning film director, producer and writer.

Tamarat Makonnen is a native New Yorker based in Los Angeles, California. A graduate of Virginia Union University, he received his degree in English Language Arts. Makonnen began his professional career directing music videos and electronic press kits for an array of critically acclaimed artists, including R&B singer Ne-Yo and political hip-hop duo Dead Prez.

Eventually, Makonnen moved into the world of feature films, writing and directing the crime drama “Dreams and Shadows”, starring James Russo (“Django Unchained”, “Public Enemies”). His next film was the award-winning relationship documentary “In Search of the Black Knight”. 

Makonnen has directed several popular digital series including “The New Shade of Black”, starring Travina Springer (“Ms. Marvel”) and “The Unwritten Rules”, starring Aasha Davis (“Pariah”, “Friday Night Lights”). His most recent work, “The Scars You Feed” strikes a personal chord as it was inspired by the struggles of his friend, three-time cancer survivor Onaje Gittens. 

Makonnen is also a voice over artist, whose voice has been described as rich, precise and commanding. Recent work includes a radio spot for the U.S. Army’s “What’s Your Warrior” campaign.

Various entertainment outlets have covered Makonnen’s work, including MTV, BET, Indiewire and Billboard. His artistry has also been discussed in books such as “Stand and Deliver: Political Activism, Leadership and Hip Hop Culture”. With several projects in various stages of development, Makonnen continues to build on his eclectic body of work.